Legislative Priorities:

Targeted Tax Reform:

Florida needs a reduction in the commercial property lease tax and the communication sales tax, and to close the internet tax loophole.

SB 98 by Senator Joyner relating to employment discrimination
Creating the Helen Gordon Davis Fair Pay Protection Act; recognizing the importance of the Department of Economic Opportunity and the Florida Commission on Human Relations in ensuring fair pay; creating the Governor’s Recognition Award for Pay Equity in the Workplace; requiring that the award be given annually to employers in this state which have engaged in activities that eliminate the Barriers to equal pay for equal work for women, etc.

SB 306 (Braynon)/ HB 165 (Gonzalez) Professional Sports Franchise Facilities
Increasing the state minimum wage; prohibiting and employer from paying an employee at a rate less than the state minimum wage; deleting the requirement that only individuals entitled to receive the federal minimum wage are eligible to receive the state minimum wage, etc.

SB 128 by Senator Soto relating to New Small Business Tax Credit
Providing a tax credit to new small businesses in a specified amount for qualified employees; prohibiting receipt of the tax credit through a refund of taxes previously paid; requiring a business to apply to the Department of Revenue for tax credit approval.

HB 25 by Representative Cruz and Representative Richardson relating to Employment Discrimination
Designates act as “Helen Gordon Davis Fair Pay Protection Act”; Provides legislative findings & intent relating to equal pay for equal work for women; recognizes importance of DEO & FHRC in ensuring fair pay; provides for duties of department & commission; creates Governer’s Recognition Award for Pay Equity in Workplace.

HB by Representative Stafford, Representative Cortes, and Representative Watson relating to State Minimum Wage
Increases state minimum wage; provides that an employer may not pay employee at rate less that state minimum wage; deletes requirement that only individuals entitled to receive federal minimum wage are eligible to receive state minimum wage.

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