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We maintain a menu of auxiliaries that provide supplemental support in activities and services for our members.


There are seven BBMC councils.  The councils provide a platform for focusing on matters particular to specific industries and interest groups.  Each Council is led by a leadership team that includes a chair, vice chair, and 7-10 team members.  Each leadership team meets monthly to design, develop, plan, execute and assess programs and activities that benefit the membership.  Council leadership team members must be financial members in good standing with the BBMC.  We depend on the generous volunteerism of the council leadership teams to maintain a vibrant organization.

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Construction Council

The purpose of the Construction Council is to be an information, advocacy and training resource for BBMC members who are contractors or who own businesses that are in the construction-support industry.  The CC seeks to match members with opportunities with major construction companies in the five-county area.  This council is also engaged in long-term efforts to encourage the trades as viable professions, and to provide training and support in preparing and submitting bids.

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Health & Wellness Council

The Health & Wellness Council provides support to BBMC members who own businesses and/or work as intrapreneurs in any capacity of the health care and wellness industry.  The leadership team for this council develops strategies to expand business opportunities for health care and wellness professionals in the public, private and non-profit sectors of the five-county area serviced by the BBMC.

This council also provides a regular forum for information-sharing in topics relevant to the health care and wellness industry, and develops a healthcare and wellness advocacy/policy agenda to share with targeted decision makers and industry thought leaders who can impact change in the industry.

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Hispanic Business Council

The Hispanic Business Council has an objective to serve as an information resource for Hispanic business owners in the five-county region of the Big Bend served by the BBMC.  This Council seeks to work in partnership with the Florida Hispanic Chamber and the Conexion Newspaper of northwest Florida to support initiatives that encourage and sustain Hispanic business ownership.


Information Technology Council

The IT Council has an objective to provide BBMC members with the information and training needed to efficiently and effectively operate their businesses by connecting members to information on how to incorporate technology into their operations, goods and services.  The IT Council also seeks to partner with other community organizations that IT-based education and careers to children, teens and young adults.

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New Entrepreneurs Council

The New Business Council was established to provide a seamless transition of support for BBMC members in the citywide collegiate chapter who graduate from college with intentions to pursue entrepreneurship or small business ownership.  The main tenets of this council include an emphasis on networking, connecting new business owners to capital, and assisting in the identification of mentors and stakeholders.

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Women’s Business Council

The purpose of the Women’s Business Council is to create a platform for women business owners to network, share ideas, and gain knowledge.  This council also serves as the hub for research and data collection as it pertains to women entrepreneurs and women business owners.  The Women’s Business Council hosts an annual retreat in January of each year.

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Youth Entrepreneurs Council

The Youth Entrepreneurs Council (YEC) has an objective to encourage youth (ages 10-18) to explore entrepreneurship as a viable option as a professional path.  This Council is not lead by a leadership team.  Instead, the youth entrepreneurs meet quarterly and determine their own agenda for learning about small business ownership and all of the aspects.  The YEC hosts the annual summer camp (Camp ‘Treppie) for youth ages 10-18.


College student with an interest in entrepreneurship, inventions and small business ownership may secure a membership in the Big Bend Minority Chamber of Commerce through the collegiate chapter.  This includes college students (full-time enrollments) from Tallahassee Community College, Florida State University and FAMU.

Monthly or bi-monthly meetings of students in the collegiate chapters rotate between the three campuses.  A BBMC Chapter Advisory Council provides guidance and supervision to the collegiate chapter.


The Synergy Support Group was designed specifically for those BBMC members who run home-based businesses, who are one-person companies, who work as consultants, or work independently.  The purpose of the support group is to connect BBMC members by providing an ongoing monthly forum for information-sharing, and to explore opportunities to synergize the competencies of BBMC members for the purpose of competing for larger consulting projects.