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Thais Wilson, Comfortibles – The Convertible Comforter

I had a vision as a child of a product that I “wanted” and my mother “needed.” It didn’t exist yet, but I knew that God was telling me that I would be the one to pioneer this product. Fast forward to when my oldest child was 3-years-old, I remembered that vision I had as a child, and as a mother, now “I need it.” What’s the product? It’s a convertible comforter. Let me paint a picture for you. With the popularity of laptops, tablets and smartphones, we have become people who are able to accomplish many things from our bed. While working or watching tv, we will even eat snacks on it, occasional dinners (which I’m guilty of), play with pets, etc. and every day whether we are aware of it or not, the top of our comforters are collecting all our spills and messes. Instead of taking the entire comforter to the professional cleaners, there’s now a way you can save money and time by just peeling off the top of your comforter and washing it in a standard home washing machine. This product is called Comfortibles, the convertible comforter.

What makes Comfortibles so unique is that it is a comforter that uses two pieces; a top piece (for the flat portion of the bed) and a bottom piece (that surrounds the sides of the bed). Comfortibles’ unique two-piece design makes it easier to wash at home (saving at least $16 per wash at a professional cleaners) and it uses less storage space because you just store the top piece of the comforter when you’re not using it, instead of storing a full-sized comorter. The first Comfortibles collection I have comes in a 7-piece set in burgundy and zebra designs and retails for a special pre-order price of $225.

I have recently returned from my manufacturing plant in China to ensure the quality of Comfortibles and I am very pleased. This was my first time visiting China and I look forward to sharing some of my adventures with our members soon.

As a mother of two children, a wife, maintaining both a full-time job as well as a part-time job and being an inventor, I can bear witness that if you want to be successful, it takes a lot of hard work, sacrifice and determination to realize your vision. I had a vision that I stuck with and became passionate about. It took me several years to save $11,000 to get this product started and I am in need of $5,000 to complete it. I am asking for your help to assist me in completing my 1st collection, by going to where you can either pre-order a Comfortible or make a contribution of any amount so that I may reach my $5,000 goal by noon on November 27th. I’m hoping by sharing a piece of my story, our members will be encouraged to stay motivated in your passion and keep hold of your vision, no matter how long it takes to come into fruition.

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