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Precious Mathis is a woman that embodies strength, determination, and drive. If one were to describe this powerhouse in one word, it would be amazing! However, Mathis surpasses any term that is used to define a person.

Her journey began at the age of 18. Upon graduating from high school, she decided that she would attend Florida A&M University to pursue a doctorates degree in Pharmacy. In her second year of Pharmacy school, Mathis discovered that pharmacy lies far from what her true passion was, which is accounting and community work. After leaving FAMU, she enrolled at TCC and obtained an AA degree in Early Childhood Education and Business Administration. Mathis then went forth with attending Flagler College and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. She wasn’t complete just yet; after receiving her Bachelors, she pursued a MBA degree from FAMU’s School of Business. Not only is Mathis educated, she is involved in a plethora of organizations, such as Big Brother Big Sister where she mentors children, the AICPA (American Institute Association of Certified Public Accountants), Big Bend Minority Chamber and in addition, she serves as a community advocate for Leon County.

Well equipped with the knowledge to go forward in the field she attended college for, she decided that working for a company wasn’t necessarily the path she desired to embark on. With that, PMathis and Associates LLC was born. Her firm offers services ranging from filing taxes, bookkeeping, business planning and write ups, financial planning, credit repair, and more. Precious has created and designed a business where its expansion thrives on ultimately giving back to the community, with the help of her dynamic team. When asked where her true passion lies, she responded “My vision is to help everyone around me by providing knowledge on financial literacy”. Not many people possess a genuine heart in terms of helping those in the community, but Mathis is a unique gem in this sense. She has a vast array of goals, but her major one is to develop a community team that can help her mentor, guide, and teach the youth of the importance of education and financial wellness.

Currently, Mathis is formulating the Mathis and Hodge Foundation which will focus on educating young African American men and women with the core principles of proper financial literacy and college pursuits. A quote, authentically made by Precious, which she abides by is: “No one becomes successful alone, allow your help to help you.”

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