Primary Objectives of the BBMC:

1. Advocacy

The Big Bend Minority Chamber of Commerce fights for legislation that promotes small business growth and policies that address the challenges of small, ethnic and women owned businesses. We understand the importance of maintaining a bi-partisan approach to advocacy; hence, we collaborate with policymakers from all political affiliations to advocate for policies that best serve the interest of the community.

2. Access to Capital

Capital Access remains the most important factor limiting the establishment, expansion, and growth of minority-owned businesses. The Big Bend Minority Chamber of Commerce works with financial institutions, particularly women-owned institutions, to create avenues through which minority, ethnic, women, and small business can gain greater access to credit, capital, and other financial instruments.

3. Chamber Resources

Providing chamber resources to its members is a core focus of the Big Bend Minority Chamber of Commerce. Levering our role as a regional organization with a statewide and national footprint while providing technical assistance and leadership training to our members. We also strive to assist in the establishment of minority, women, and small-owned businesses, and facilitating the sharing of best practices and industry data. To do all this, we utilize a variety of mechanisms, including: training, web-based tools, peer networking, coaching, resource partners, and information products.

4. Entrepreneurship Training

The Big Bend Minority Chamber of Commerce is committed to helping small business leaders achieve stellar performance and growth through entrepreneur and business management training. Hence, we deliver quality educational opportunities and professional development resources that help our members manage and grow successful businesses.

5. Contracting and Procurement

At the Big Bend Minority Chamber of Commerce, our goal is to level the playing field by helping members gain access to business opportunities in the private and public sectors. We accomplish this by educating members on contract opportunities, helping them increase their capacity to vie for large-scale contracts, and offering resources and information that enhance business owner’s ability to compete.

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